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A Launching Pad for the Confident Leaders of Tomorrow

Forget everything you thought you knew about pageantry. This is more than just a pageant. With an emphasis placed on communication skills and service leadership, National American Miss is an experience that forever impacts its participants. It’s a place  where little girls learn to set goals and work towards them. It’s a place where families connect with one another and where lifelong friendships are formed. It is an experience unlike any other in the world. And it is transforming the lives of young women across the country.

The Mayes (through National American Miss) provide the best experience to be found anywhere in pageantry.


A NAM girl is a girl who demonstrates...



At National American Miss, every contestant is asked to give back to their community. A full 10% of each girls score will be awarded upon completion of one of the following acts of service: donating a children’s book to a local library or community organization; donating school supplies to an organization of choice; donating time to a local event or cause. You will be asked to complete a form verifying your service. Annually, NAM girls donate over 20,000 children’s book, countless school supplies, and thousands of hours of service to the place and causes important to them and their community.



An audience favorite, the Formal Wear competition is more than meets the eye. Not only is it a moment alone in the spotlight for the contestant to model the dress of her choice, it is also an opportunity to communicate non-verbally: showcasing poise, confidence, and your personal sense of style. This area of competition accounts for 30% of a contestant’s overall score. Scoring is based on the selection committee’s overall impression and the finalist’s ability to command attention through her poise and personality. It’s not about the dress… it’s about the girl wearing it.



The most important aspect of competition are the two areas that rely on a contestant’s ability to communicate with confidence. A full 30% of the finalist’s score will be awarded for their public speaking skills during the Personal Introduction competition. During this phase of competition, each finalist will introduce herself to the judges through a short 30-second introduction. The selection committee will then have the opportunity to sit down and interview, one-on-one, each finalist. This Interview competition accounts for the final 30% of each girls’ score.

Meet Your State Directors

Steve + Kathleen Mayes

Get to know the dynamic duo behind National American Miss

With over 40 years of experience in the pageantry industry, they are the visionaries who have consistently produced top-rated pageants. Their passion and dedication have made NAM the ultimate platform for young talents to shine.

Their excellence has been praised by The Pageant Planet and The Global Beauty Awards, the latter of which awarded them the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. When they founded NAM in 2003, their goal was to redefine the word pageantry. In the past 20 years, National American Miss has impacted the lives of young women across the country who have since gone on to attain excellence in a variety of fields: from the entertainment industry to public service and beyond.


In addition to serving as the State Directors for the Texas, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey pageants, Steve and Kathleen also serve as National Directors to the National Pageant that takes place annually over Thanksgiving Week at the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

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Where are they now?

NAM Alum in the News

Camille Schrier

Miss America 2020

Breaking stereotypes in pageantry, Camille was crowned Miss America 2020 after wowing the world with her chemistry demonstration. But before becoming Miss America, Camille got her start at National American Miss! As the NAM Pennsylvania Teen, Camille was 1st runner-up to the NAM National Teen title way back in 2012.

Shereen Pimental

Broadway Star

Making her Broadway debut as young Nala in Disney’s The Lion King, this Julliard graduate graced the NAM stage several times before securing the title of National All-American Pre-Teen at NAM Nationals. Most recently, Shereen starred in the lead role of Maria in the Broadway revival of West Side Story.

Serene Singh

Rhodes Scholar

While currently pursuing her doctoral degree in criminology, this Rhodes Scholar, Truman Scholar, and Fulbright recipient has a long history with National American Miss. A former NAM Colorado Teen and Miss, Serene went on to capture the 2020 National All-American Miss title at NAM Nationals.

MacKenzie Maynard

Broadcast Journalist

Before she was reporting live as an Emmy-nominated reporter, she was reciting her Personal Introduction on the NAM stage. Crowned the 2007 National American Miss Massachusetts Jr. Teen, MacKenzie has since anchored for both NBC and ABC affiliates across the country.

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