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The resources listed below are everything you need to prepare for your State Pageant!
  • The State Guidebook is your starting point for giving you all the info about NAM.

  • The Sponsor Brochure is great to send to potential sponsors to inform them about NAM. You can download it & include it in an email, copy & paste the link and put in a text message, or print it off and take it directly to them!

  • If a sponsor requests a receipt, print off the Sponsor Receipts to provide them with one.

  • The Press Release is a fun way to alert your local news that YOU have been selected as a State Finalist. Print this off and send it to your local newspaper.

  • Actress Scripts are for girls doing our Actress Optional Contest. Chose the script YOU want to perform! Click in for all the details.

  • Check-In Forms are all of your division-specific paperwork to download, fill out, and print to bring along to your State Pageant Check In


The Mayes (through National American Miss) provide the best experience to be found anywhere in pageantry.


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